Why is my Dyson making a high pitched Noise : Easy Fix

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Dyson air purifiers are among the best available on the market, but like any other electronic product, they also have some minor flaws. Being a Dyson consumer, you must have asked yourself, Why is my Dyson making a high-pitched noise?

The reason your Dyson air purifier makes a high pitched noise is because too many dust particles are stuck on the internal/external body of the air purifier or there is some issue with the fan or any other hardware.

Most of the people experience this issue when they set the fan to a particular speed. This suggests that the issue might be related the air purifier fan.

In the below article we will guide you what can be the possible causes and how this problem can be fixed.

How to stop your Dyson air purifier from making high pitched noise ?

There can be three possible reasons why Dyson air purifiers can make high-pitched noise while functioning.

1.Debris or dust particles stuck on the internal or external surface of the air purifier.

Air purifiers require maintenance from time to time, and this maintenance includes timely cleaning of their internal and external parts.

Cleaning of the air purifier must be done just to make sure that the dust particles and pollutants does not get collected over its surface.

The purpose of the air purifier is to purify the air in the room where it is kept.During this process, some dust particles may get stuck on its internal components, like its fan, inner structure, outer cover, etc.

If you have not cleaned your air purifier for a long time, it may make a high-pitched noise while working. To get this problem resolved, one must clean the Dyson air purifier properly.

Follow the below steps to clean the Dyson air purifier(Dyson pure cool) internally

After switching off the air purifier and removing the power cord , follow the below steps:

  • Open the top loop amplifier by pushing both the release buttons at the same time. These buttons are located on the either sides of the loop amplifier.
dyson air purifier making high pitched noise
Image Credit:Dyson YT
  • Lift out the outer cover along with the filter.
  • You can easily reach out to the inner structure. Clean the inner structure gently using dry soft brush.Make sure you do not damage it while trying to clean it.
Cleaning the dyson air purifier internal with a dry brush
Image Credit:Dyson YT
  • Clean it properly so that all debris and dust particles are removed.
  • Attach the filter and outer cover.
  • Place the loop amplifier in position and push down firmly until it is closed properly.
  • You can now turn on the air purifier to use.

Follow the below steps to clean the Dyson air purifier((Dyson pure cool))externally.

Switch off the air purifier and follow the below procedure to clean the air purifier from outside.

  • Take a dry soft cloth and clean the top loop amplifier. Make sure to rub the cloth gently on the loop amplifier as its quite delicate.
Source:Dyson YT
  • Clean both the interior and exterior parts of the loop amplifier.
  • To clean the outer cover of the air purifier use a soft dry brush.
  • Rub the brush gently and slowly on the holes of the outer cover to remove all debris from its surface.
  • Then use the Dry cloth to wipe away and remaining dust on the outer cover.
  • You can now turn on the air purifier to use.

Video Credit: Dyson YT

2. Issue with the fan resulting in high pitched noise.

Most customers face this issue after using the Dyson air purifier for a couple of months. As per them, initially there used to be no noise problem.

This problem mostly occurs when the fan is set to a particular speed , for some customers its bearable noise but for some it is loud enough to wake them up.

If you are facing this issue, do not assume that your air purifier is not functioning properly. The noise problem has nothing to do with the ability of the air purifier to clean the air. The air purifier is working perfectly fine and is doing its job without failing.

As the issue occurs when the fan is set to a particular speed, there are maximum chances that there can be an issue with the fan that needs to be resolved. Do not try to resolve this issue on your own, as it may require an expert’s help.

The best option is to contact the customer care department and reporting the issue to them. They are the one who can guide you further here.

They may replace the product or can get it repaired.

3. Other hardware issue or damaged component

The other possible reason your Dyson air purifier can make high pitched noise is due some hardware issue or internal component failure.

If you have cleaned the air purifier properly and are sure that there is no debris on the external and internal body of the air purifier that may obstruct the fan and cause this noise.

Then you need to open the loop amplifier of your air purifier and see if any thing is damaged or broken like any internal part that can be the cause of the problem.

If you suspect any hardware issue or problem you should not try to fix it yourself even if how small the issue seems to be.

Try contacting the Dyson customer care department and they will help you further.


If your Dyson air purifier is making a high-pitched noise, then do not worry, as it has nothing to do with its capacity to purify the air in your room. It is functioning properly and performing as expected.

The reason could be the dust particles stuck particles stuck on the internal components of the air purifier .

The other reasons can be some fault with the fan or any other hardware issue with the air purifier . To get these issues fixed you need to reach out to their customer service department.

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