Why Does My Dyson Air Purifier Make A Whistling Noise?[Solved]

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If you have recently purchased a Dyson air purifier, then you might have noticed a whistling noise sometimes. When you noticed this for the first time, you must have asked yourself, “Why does my Dyson air purifier make a whistling noise?”.

There is nothing wrong with your Dyson air purifier and it is working as expected.This a common thing experienced by Dyson customers and this can be because of multiple reasons.Generally these whistling noise is from the air purifier filter or the fan.

Sometimes it happens that dust pollutants are stuck on the surface of the filter and it becomes completely clogged, because of which the Dyson air purifier makes the whistling noise. Whistling noise can also occur if there is too much debris or pollutants on the internal body of the air purifier.

In the below particle we will explain in detail the possible reasons behind the air purifier making whistling noise and also how it can be resolved.

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How to fix the Dyson air purifier whistling noise ?

If you observe your Dyson air purifier making a whistling noise all of a sudden, don’t get confused or panicked; fixing it is child’s play.

This sound mostly comes when you increase the fan speed of the air purifier which suggests that cause of this noise inside the air purifier body.

To get this problem diagnosed and fixed, you must have a look inside the air purifier, clean the inside body of the air purifier, and check the fan and filter for any possible causes.

You can fix this on your own without any expert’s help. Please follow the below steps to get rid of this issue.

1.Reset the Air Purifier

Before trying anything complicated you must try resetting the dyson air purifier . Hopefully it will fix the issue.

Sometimes a few issues occur, which can be easily resolved by resetting the Dyson air purifier. Mostly, these issues are unprecedented and occur after the air purifier has been running continuously for a long time.

Like every other electric device, air purifiers also need some time to rest and cool down. If you come across issues like your air purifier showing false light indicators or making whistling or whining sounds at a certain fan speed, Then the first step should be to reset the air purifier.

There are two different ways to reset the air purifier:

  1. Press the power button your dyson air purifier continuously for 6-10 seconds , this will reset the air purifier.
  2. The dyson air purifier can also be easily reset by its app. You need to simple open the app , go to dyson life section and select the option to reset the air purifier. This will automatically restart the air purifier.

2. Switch off the Air purifier

In order to clean the Air purifier properly from inside you need to open the air purifier and reach out to its internal parts like its fan, its filter etc.To get this done you must turn off the air purifier.

So turn off the air purifier by pressing the power button and also make sure to switch off the power cord connected to the wall switch .

Switching off and removing the power cord is necessary as it is connected to the air purifier, and it would be difficult for you to disassemble the air purifier unit.

Wait for a few minutes after you have turned off the air purifier, let it cool down and then try disassembling the air purifier unit.

3.Cleaning the dyson air purifier(Dyson Pure Cool) from inside

After switching off the air purifier and removing the power cord , follow the below steps:

  • Open the top loop amplifier by pushing both the release buttons at the same time. These buttons are located on the either sides of the loop amplifier.
removing the loop amplifier
image Credit:Dyson YT
  • Lift out the outer cover along with the filter.
Source: Dyson YT
  • Now you can easily reach put to the inner structure. Clean the inner structure gently using dry soft brush.Make sure you do not damage it while trying to clean it.
cleaning the  dyson air purifier internal with a brush
  • Clean it properly so that all debris and dust particles are removed.
  • Attach the filter and outer cover.
  • Place the loop amplifier in position and push down firmly until it is closed properly.
  • You can now turn on the air purifier to use.

4.Cleaning the Dyson air purifier(Dyson Pure Cool) from outside

Switch off the air purifier and follow the below procedure to clean the air purifier from outside

  • Take a dry soft cloth and clean the top loop amplifier. Make sure to rub the cloth gently on the loop amplifier as its quite delicate.
  • Clean both the interior and exterior parts of the loop amplifier.
  • To clean the outer cover of the air purifier use a soft dry brush.
  • Rub the brush gently and slowly on the holes of the outer cover to remove all debris from its surface.
  • Then use the Dry cloth to wipe away and remaining dust on the outer cover.
  • You can now turn on the air purifier to use.

Video Credit: Dyson YT

5.Changing the location of your Dyson Air purifier

If you have recently changed the location of your Dyson air purifier and since then have been facing this whistling or whining sound issue, Then it might be that the location you have selected isn’t the right spot for your air purifier.

If you have recently changed the spot of your air purifier and since then you have been facing the issue, you can try placing the air purifier in its old spot and observe the difference.

There are multiple points that should be taken into consideration while choosing the spot for the air purifier.

First and foremost, all the windows and doors should be closed, and there should not be any open source of pollutants or dust near the air purifier.

Make sure there are no objects like furniture, chairs, or anything else obstructing the path of the air purifier.

The room in which the air purifier is placed should be as per the recommended size of the air purifier; otherwise, it may result in poor performance.

6.Check for any physical damage or hardware issue.

If you have performed all the steps mentioned above in the article and still the issue is not resolved then you should check for any hardware or physical damage in the air purifier.

Do a thorough examination of your dyson air purifier and check if there are any hardware issue or physical damage that is causing this noise. If there are any you can try reaching the Dyson customer care for the resolution


If you notice that your Dyson air purifier is making a whistling noise then you must not ignore nit and check its internal parts like its filter, fan and internal body.

You can try cleaning the filter and internal body and also the exterior cover in order to remove the debris from the air purifier.This will hopefully solve the issue

Clean the air purifier properly internally and externally. Even if the issue does not get resolved then you need to contact the Dyson customer care and they will guide you further.


How long does Dyson air purifiers last ?

Dyson air purifiers a strong built rigid electronic devices which are designed to have a good lifespan. Longevity and lifetime of an air purifier depends a lot on the usage and its maintenance.

As per Dyson, its air purifier filter can last up to an year if used for around 12 hours daily. Filter replacement also depends on the pollutants or dust particles present in the room where the air purifier is placed.

Why is my Dyson air purifier whistling ?

If you notice your Dyson air purifier whistling then it may require external and internal cleaning . Sometimes it happens that the dust and debris gets collected on the interior body of the air purifier and results in a whistling noise when fan speed is increased.

Cleaning the internal and external body of the air purifier with a soft dry brush can help in fixing the issue.

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