Levoit Humidifier Red Light Flashing:[Solved]

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If you have been using Levoit Humidifier for quite some time and suddenly one day you see a glowing red light on it. There is nothing to worry as there is no issue with your humidifier and its working as expected.

The glowing red light on the humidifier signals that there is not enough water in the humidifier tank and it must be filled properly. While using a humidifier make sure that the its water tanki is filled adequately to get the best out of it.

In this article, we will solve all your queries regarding the Levoit red light glowing issue, what is the reason behind it and what’s the possible solution. So stay tuned !

Why is your Levoit Humidifier showing a red light ?

Levoit humidifiers are smart devices that use different indicators to convey you if any issue occurs. When the customer notices a glowing light indicator on the humidifier, he/she gets to know that there might be some issue with the humidifier that needs to be resolved.

There is a water drop icon on the Levoit humidifier that starts glowing red if there is no or very little water in the humidifier. You must take necessary actions to resolve this problem.

Humidfier works by converting water into vapours and if there is no water , it wont be able to function properly. The red light shouldn’t be ignored and you must fill the adequate amount of water in the humidifier tank as soon as you notice the problem.

Do not try to use the humidifier with less or no water; recent models of humidifiers will automatically shut off if there is less water than the minimum required levels.

Reasons for glowing red light on your Levoit humidifier

There can be multiple reasons why your Levoit humidifier is not able to detect enough water and is showing a red light. We have identified and explained four different causes due to which this issue can occur.

1) There is no or less water in the water tank : The purpose of the humidifier is to add moisture to the room air, and this is done by blowing the water vapors into the room. To create this water vapor, it requires adequate levels of water; only then can it function.

When the Levoit humidifier detects that there is no appropriate quantity of water in its tank, it indicates this with a glowing red light.

2) Water tank is overfilled : If you have recently filled the water tank of your humidifier and it is still showing the red light, then it might be that you have overfilled it, due to which it is detecting an issue.

There is maximum water level marked in levoit humidifiers above which the water should not be filled. If the water is overfilled then it may hampers the humidifier’s working.

3) Humidifier requires cleaning: As suggested by the company, the Levoit humidifier should be cleaned every week. It is also important to clean the humidifier, as stagnant water may be a home for fungi and dangerous bacteria.

If it has been more than a week since you last cleaned your humidifier and it is showing a red light even though the water tank is full, then you must try cleaning it.

4) Fault in hardware: If the water in the tank is at appropriate levels and you have also cleaned your Levoit humidifier recently but it still shows a red light water drop icon, then it may be that there is some hardware fault that is causing this issue.

How to fix the glowing red light on your Levoit Humidifier ?

Below are the different scenarios and their solution.

1) There is no or less water in the water tank : Solution

A Levoit humidifier can function properly if there is adequate water in its tank. If there is not sufficient water in the tank, the humidifier will fail to perform and won’t be able to give the desired results.

Make sure that the humidifier tank always has a sufficient amount of water in it.

The red light issue can be easily resolved by filling the correct amount of water in the humidifier tank.

2) When the water tank is overfilled : Filling the humidifier tank with too much water can also cause problems and result in a glowing red light on the humidifier.

Levoit humidifiers have a maximum mark above which water should not be filled. Some new customers aren’t aware of this and overfill the humidifier tank.

This problem can be easily resolved by pouring out water from the humidifier tank.

This can be easily done by removing the top cover of the humidifier and pouring out the water using a small cup.

3) The humidifier requires Cleaning: Solution

Humidifiers must be cleaned every week.Make sure you read the user manual of your Levoit humidfier model before cleaning it. Below are the steps to clean the Levoit Humidfier:

  • Turn off the humidifier before cleaning it.
  • Detach the top water outlet valve so that you can reach the inner bottom part.
  • Clean the bottom part with a soft dry brush. Do not use any chemical or solution.
  • Hopefully this will fix the glowing red light issue on your Levoit humidifier.

4) Hardware fault: Solution

If you have tried everything and the issue still persists, then we suspect there might be some hardware fault in the humidifier. You should not try fixing it on your own and should immediately report the problem to Levoit customer care.

Video Credit: Levoit Youtube


If you see a glowing red light on your Levoit humidifier, then it means that there is not enough water in the tank and it must be filled to adequate levels.

If you are seeing the red light even if the water tank is filled, make sure it is not overfilled.

Even after taking all the necessary actions suggested in the above article, if you are still facing the issue, then there might be some hardware problem. You need to contact the Levoit customer care department.


What does the red light on humidifier mean ?

The red light on the Levoit humidifier means that there is no water or less than the required amount in the tank.

If the water tank is completely filled but you still see the red light icon, then make sure that it is not above the maximum mark labelled on the humidifier. If the water is above the maximum level, pour some water out to fix the issue.

How long does the Levoit humidifiers last ?

The Levoit ultrasonic 300s humidifiers can last up to 60 hours. You just need to fill the water tank and turn on the humidifier to get a peaceful sleep. It also differs from model to model, but most humidifiers can last from 48 to 60 hours.

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