Levoit Air Purifier Red Light Issue: Fix in 5 Minutes

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If you see a glowing red light on Your Levoit air purifier and are confused what to do then don’t worry its just a minor issue which can be fixed easily without any expert’s help.

The flashing red light on your Levoit air purifier is an indication that the air purifier filter has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced with a new one.

Once you have changed the air purifier filter, you need to reset the filter light to fix the Levoit air purifier red light issue.The levoit filter light can be easily reset by long pressing the filter reset button for 5 seconds.

What is the reason for the glowing red light on the Levoit Air Purifier ?

There can be multiple reasons for the glowing red light on the levoit air purifier, one of the reasons being that the filter is extremely dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced ,other reason could be that the filter is damaged and needs a replacement.

If you are ignoring these signs and continue to use the air purifier without cleaning and replacing the filter it may result in poor performance of the air purifier.

Too much pollutants in the air also cause the air-purifier to show continuous red light, we have explained all the scenarios in this article , please go through it thoroughly.

In the below article, we will explain the different lights on the Levoit air purifier and their meanings. We will also provide step-by-step guidance for the cleaning and maintenance procedures of Levoit air purifiers.

Levoit Air Purifier-Red light on filter problem

There are multiples fixes for the above problem depending on the situation. The above issue can be fixed by performing 3 steps.

  1. Cleaning the filter
  2. Power reset of the filter/air purifier
  3. Replacing the filter
Levoit air purifier red light
Levoit air purifier red light

Cleaning the filter

As per Levoit their air purifier’s filter must be cleaned once every month and should be replaced after 6 months to 1 year depending on the usage of the product.

So if you have bought your air purifier recently or have changed its filter one or two months back and the filter icon/button on your air purifier is red then it means it requires a cleaning. The filter icon is just below the lock button and on the right hand side of the power button.

Below are the steps to clean the Levoit Air purifier filter( core 300s) :

  • Turn off the air purifier by pressing the power button

  • Switch off the physical cable connection of the air purifier and pull out the cable.
  • Turn the air purifier upside down
  • open the back cover by sliding it.
  • pull out the filter from inside
  • clean the filter using a small brush or dry cloth as per your choice.
  • once the filter is cleaned properly put it back inside the air purifier
  • Switch on the air purifier , it should work fine now.

Power reset of Levoit Air purifier to fix red light issue on filter button

If you have purchased the air purifier recently like 2 or 3 months back(filter is less than 6 months old) and cleaned your air purifier filter recently but still the filter button on the levoit air purifier shows the red light then it requires the power reset .

Levoit air purifier red light
Levoit air purifier red light

The power reset to fix the red light on filter can be done in 2 ways :

  1. By resetting the filter button

a) Turn on the air purifier if its not turned on

b) If the filter button light is red, keep the filter button pressed for 3 seconds and then leave it.this should fix the problem

2. By doing the power reset of the air purifier.

a) If the air purifier is turned on and the the filter button is red.Turn off the filter by switching off the power button.

b)Switch off the physical connection of the air purifier and let it cool for sometime.Sometimes it may happen that the air purifier gets overheated and not able to work properly.Turing it on after sometime will fix the problem.

3. By doing factory reset of the levoit air purifier(LV-PUR131,True HEPA air purifier)

If you factory reset the levoit air purifier it will be restore its original settings and can fix the filter red light issue. Follow the below steps to do the factory reset :

  • Turn the air purifier to its back side
  • you will see a vent on the side
  • Find the reset button inside the vent
  • press the button inside the vent for 3 seconds using a clip or any small object
  • this will reset the air purifier to its original factory settings

video link source: levoit youtube channel

Replacing the filter

If you have have been using the Levoit air purifier for more than 6 months and have not replaced the filter, then you must go for a filter replacement to make sure air purifier functions properly without any issues.

Below are the steps to replace the filter of the Levoit air purifier(core 300s)

  1. Purchase genuine Levoit air purifier filter as per the model of your air purifier, do not buy filter from any third party company as it may degrade the performace.
  2. Switch off the air purifier and also remove the physical cable of the purifier.
  3. Turn it upside down
  4. Remove the back cover by sliding it .
  5. Pull out the filter from inside of air purifier
  6. Insert and adjust the newly bought filter
  7. Turn on the air purifier. Filter light will be back to normal now.

What does the Levoit air purifier red light suggests(not on filter ) ?

If there is continuous red light on the Levoit air purifier then it suggests that there are too much pollutants in the air and the air purifier is taking some time to clean the air of the room.

In order to fix this the air purifier will increase its speed for sometime until all the pollutants are removed and will be back to its normal speed once the air is cleaned.If you want,you can also increase the its speed manually .

Once all the air pollutants are removed the colour of the right will be green and then turn to blue.

Even after certain time like couple of hours if the red light is still there on the air purifier then it suggests that the air inside the room where you have kept the air purifier is very polluted and is beyond the technical capability of the air purifier.

This can be checked by moving the air purifier to a different place which is less polluted than the previous one and checking the light status.

Also make sure that the air purifier is not kept near the vent or a window as the air near the vent contains more pollutants.

What if after cleaning/replacing the filter and power resetting does not fix the red light issue on the Levoit air purifier ?

If you have performed all the above and the issue still exists then make sure the device is not physicaly damaged or having some hardware problem that is obstructing it to work properly.

The last option you have is to contact the Levoit customer care and they will help you fixing the problem.


If you see a red light on the filter of your levoit air purifier then either it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

If you have recently replaced a new air purifier filter and the light still shows red then this can be done by resetting the filter button or power resetting the air purifier.

If everything is fine with the filter but you still see the red light on the air purifier, then the room has too many pollutants and the purifier is taking some time to fix this.

If everything is fine but the air purifier still shows continuous red light then you need to contact Levoit customer care and they will guide you further. It might get replaced or repaired depending on the warranty.

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