Frida Humidifier Blinking Blue Issue: Quick Fix

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You are trying to turn on your Frida humidifier, but it is simply blinking blue three times and then not working. There is nothing to worry about, as your humidifier is functioning properly and there are no issues with it.

Your Frida humidifier blinking blue 3 times is an indication that the water in the tank is lower than the required level and needs to be filled. If you are facing this problem, you must check the amount of water in the humidifier tank.

This blinking blue light issue on the Frida humidifier can be easily fixed by filling the water in the humidifier tank to appropriate levels.

Once water is adequately filled in the humidifier tank, this problem will be resolved, and the humidifier will start working normally.

In this article we will give you all the information on the Frida humidifier blinking blue light issue, the reasons behind it and what is the appropriate solution for this.

Frida humidfier Blinking Blue 3 times: What does it mean ?

If you one day try to turn on your Frida humidifier and, instead of starting, it blinks blue 3 times and turns off, you will be confused about what to do now.

Frida humidifiers are smart devices which use different indicators to grab its users’ attention. These indicators play a significant role in telling the customer about an important maintenance activity that needs to be done.

In most cases, the reason behind your Frida humidifier blinking blue is no or less than required water in the tank. The solution is simple , you just need to fill the water tank and you are done.

Sometimes blue light blinking 3 times may also suggest that for some reason, your Frida humidifier is not able to detect water in the tank and giving low water levels error .There can be multiple reasons for this, we have discussed them in the below part.

Frida Humidifier Blinking Blue 3 times:what does it mean

Frida humidifier Blinking Blue Issue : How to fix it ?

1)When there is no or less water in the water tank

The Frida humidifier auto shuts off when there is no water in the humidifier tank. It uses blue light blinking 3 times as a warning measure to tell its user about the low water levels. So that the humidifier can run uninterruptedly.


When you see the blue light blinking on your Frida humidifier and notice that the quantity of water is low in the tank. You can fix this by filling a sufficient amount of water into the humidifier tank.

The process to fill water is very easy.

  • Turn off the humidifier and also unplug the power cord.
  • Lift the water tank.
  • Rotate the water tank cap in anti-clockwise direction to open it.
  • Fill the distilled water in the tank.
  • When appropriate amount of water is filled , rotate the cap in clockwise direction to close it. Make sure it is closed tightly.

2)When the water tank is already filled with adequate amount of water

a) Device needs Power reset

If the water tank of your Frida humidifier is already filled with water, but when you try starting it , it turns off after blinking blue 3 times.

Then, in this case, you can try power resetting the humidifier. Sometimes a few unprecedented issues occur which can only be fixed by power resetting the device.


The device can be power reset easily by the following steps:

  • Turn off the humidifier and also switch it off room the wall end.
  • Remove the power cord connected to the back of the humidifier.
  • Let it cool down and restart after 30 minutes.
  • Hopefully it should fix the issue.

c)The Humidifier Bottom part needs to be Dried

Sometimes it happens that a few drops of water reach the bottom part of the Frida humidifier, which consists of the transducer, sensor, and plug outlet.

These integral parts are very sensitive, and water droplets on them can affect the functioning of the humidifier.

Due to this, you might notice your Frida Humidifier blinking blue three times and then turning off.


This issue can be easily by cleaning and then drying the base of the Frida humidifier . Follow the below steps to get this problem resolved:

  • Turn off the Humidifier and also switch it off from the wall end.
  • Remove the power cord from the back of the humidifier.
  • Lift the water tank so that you can reach the bottom part or the base.
  • If there is any water in the base , remove it.
  • Wipe the base carefully with a soft, dry cloth. Also, wipe the transducer (round metal plate) carefully, as it consists of delicate parts.Do not scrub or scrape it.
  • Clean the power cord plug outlet located at the back of the base with a soft, dry cloth. Make sure there are no water droplets in the plug outlet.
  • Let the base dry for a few hours. Make sure it is completely dry before use.
  • Reassemble the humidifier and turn it on. The issue should be resolved now.

e) Hardware Fault

If there is enough water in the humidifier tank and you have also tried all the solutions provided above, but the issue still persists.

Then it might be there is some hardware fault with your frida humidifier. We would suggest try fixing it yourself as it might damage any component.


In case of hardware fault , you can call the Frida customer care department and they will guide you further.

Maintenance tips for your Frida humidifier

  • You must choose the right spot for your humidifier. Always choose a spot with a dry, flat surface. Do not place the humidifier on the floor; it should be placed in a higher spot. The spot should be at least 2–3 feet above the floor.
  • Make sure that the humidifier is not placed on a soft or absorbent surface as it may result in increased noise from the humidifier.
  • It is recommended to clean the humidifier every week . If not cleaned properly, humidifier can be a home for bacteria and fungi.
  • Do not use too cold water to fill in the humidifier tank as it may result in low humidity levels. You can use the distilled water to fill in the tank.
  • Make certain that the humidifier tank has an adequate amount of water. If your frida humidifier is not turning on and is blinking blue three times, then it suggests that there is no water in the tank.
  • Do not remove water tank from the unit while it is on .


When you try turning on your Frida humidifier, it starts blinking blue 3 times and then shuts off.

This happens as there is no or little water in the humidifier tank and it can be fixed by filling with the right amount of water in the tank

If there is an adequate amount of water in the humidifier, you are still facing this issue.

Then there can be multiple reasons for it . It may be because of water droplets on the bottom part which consists of the transducer. Try wiping the bottom part with a soft fry cloth to get this issue resolved.

If you have tried everything, then the last resort is to call the Frida customer care department.


Why does my Frida humidifier keeps turning off ?

The frida humidifier uses smart technology and auto shuts when there is no water in the water tank.If you are facing this issue , fill the appropriate amount of distilled water in the humidfier tank and try starting it again. This will resolve the issue.

How to reset a Frida humidifier ?

There is no reset button on the Friday humidifier . You have to power reset it. To power reset the humidifier, turn it off and also remove the power cord connected to the back of the humidifier. Let it cool down for a few minutes and restart it.

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