Dyson Air Purifier Error Exclamation mark: How to fix

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Air purifiers are smart devices that have different indicators that suggest that the device has encountered a problem and needs to be fixed. A few customers have observed that their Dyson air purifier sometimes shows an error exclamation mark inside the LED screen.

The error exclamation mark generally suggests that a problem has been detected in the Dyson air purifier. Most of the time, this error exclamation on Dyson air purifier can be resolved by power-resetting the device.

In the below article we will discuss the reasons behind the Dyson air purifier flashing an exclamation mark error and how it can be fixed.

Why is my Dyson air purifier showing exclamation mark on the screen ?

The reason you are seeing an exclamation mark on your Dyson air purifier is that the device has encountered a problem and is conveying the same to you by flashing the exclamation mark on the screen again and again.

Inside an air purifier structure, there are multiple components like the filter, fan,motor , PC board, connecting wires, etc. All these are critical components of the air purifier, and if some issue occurs with them, it is indicated on the LCD screen.

Below are the reasons for the “exclamation mark error” and their solution.

Dyson Air purifier Error Exclamation mark

1.Air purifier has overheated.

Some people use air purifiers for 12 hours a day, whereas others run their purifiers for 16 hours or even 24 hours a day, as per their requirements.

Most people use air purifiers for 16 to 20 hours a day. If you are running the air purifier 24/7, then you must also take good care of it. Like any other electronic device, air purifiers may also get overheated by working continuously and sometimes show false indicators.

Solution: This can be easily fixed by giving some rest to the air purifier. Turn the air purifier off by pressing the power button and also switch off the connecting cable. Let the device cool down for 30 minutes and turn it on after that.Hopefully this will fix the overheating issue.

2.Problem with the internal Components

There are a lot of components and sensors inside an air purifier. If any minor fault is detected that is indicated to the customer via the lCD screen of the air purifier. This minor fault may or may not impact the performance of the air purifier .

Apart from the internal components like the fan, motor, etc., different models have different PC boards, which are one of the most integral parts of the air purifier. The exclamation mark may also be seen if there is some fault detected on the PC board.

It may happen that the air purifier is indicating the exclamation mark while also working perfectly fine. In this situation, we would not suggest that you ignore this and try to find a solution as soon as possible.

Solution:To fix the above issue you need to power reset the air purifier. The power reset can be done in different ways.

a) Power reset using the Dyson app:

  1. Open the Dyson application on your phone.
  2. Click on the gear icon on the top
  3. Click on Machine Settings
  4. Select Reset.

b) Factory reset using the Dyson Remote Control.

Factory reset will remove all your prior settings, you may need to re connect your app to the purifier post factory reset.

  1. Bring the remote close to the air purifier and face it towards the screen.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the air purifier and remote simultaneously.
  3. The display will show a countdown. Hold both buttons for ten seconds.

c) Factory reset using the air purifier alone.

  1. Make sure your Dyson air purifier is turned on
  2. Press the “Standby ON/OFF” button and hold it for about 30 seconds.
  3. A series of symbols may flash on your screen. Air purifier will be factory reset. All your previous setting and customization will be removed, even the passwords. You have to again connect your air purifier to the Dyson application.

3. Issue with the air purifier Filter

The air purifier filter is that part of the air purifier that filters and holds all the dust particles and debris on its surface.

If you open the external structure of the air purifier and pull out the filter, you will be able to see a lot of dust clogging the filter. The filter absorbs the dust particles and lets clean air pass through it.

As suggested by Dyson If you are using air purifiers 12 hours a day, then you must change your air purifier filter within 12 months. The requirement to replace the air purifier filter also depends on the room environment in which the purifier is kept.

Solution: If you have not change the air purifier filter and you can see its completely clogged . This could be the reason for your air purifier showing the exclamation mark error on the screen. You must replace the old filter with a new one .

You must have received the Manual along with your Dyson air purifier. Follow the steps mentioned in the manual to replace the filter.

video credit : Dyson YT

4)Hardware issue or Physical damage on the air purifier

If you have been using the air purifier for quite some time and one day suddenly you see an exclamation mark flashing on the air purifier screen, Even after resetting and changing the filter, if the issue is not fixed, there might be some hardware fault with the air purifier.

You can try examining the air purifier internally and externally to see if there is any hardware problem or physical damage that is causing this error.

We would suggest you simply examine the device and not try to open any internal components like the fan, motor, etc.

Solution: If you are not able to find the issue and suspect that there is some fault with the hardware that is causing this error. You can contact the Dyson customer care and the will help you further.

5) Received a Faulty product

If you have just bought a brand new Dyson air purifier and when you turn it on you see an exclamation mark on the screen, then it suggests that there is some fault with the new device.

Solution : You should not try to fix this problem as it’s a brand new product from the company. In this case, you should call Dyson customer care and ask them to get the air purifier replaced, as the current one is faulty.

6) Power issue

Not receiving enough power can also be a possible cause of the exclamation error on the air purifier screen. The problem may also occur if the power cord is damaged or not properly plugged into the air purifier socket.

The problem may also occur if the air purifier’s power socket is damaged or faulty. This can result in the air purifier not receiving enough power or intermittent power, causing the machine to show error codes on the screen.

If the wall switch that is being used to supply power to the air purifier has some connectivity or voltage problem, it may affect the internal components of the air purifier, resulting in the exclamation mark on the screen.

Solution: If the power cord connecting the wall switch to the air purifier is found to be broken, it must be replaced immediately.

Make sure the wall switch isn’t damaged and is capable of providing enough power for the Dyson air purifier to function smoothly.

While buying the air purifier, one must check its specifications, which clearly mention its voltage requirements. The Dyson air purifier must receive the voltage required to function without any issues.


If you see an error exclamation mark on your Dyson air purifier then it means an issue has been detected by the device. The issue can be related to its internal components like fan,motor,PC board etc.

Sometimes the indicator may be false and can be fixed by power resetting or factory resetting the device. This should be the first step to getting this problem fixed without trying anything else.

If you have recently purchased (within a month) a Dyson air purifier and are facing this issue, then you should talk to customer care, and hopefully they will get it replaced.

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