Afloia Air Purifier Red Light Blinking: Easy Fix

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If you see a blinking red light on your Afloia air purifier, then you do not need to get worried, as your air purifier is working perfectly fine.

The Afloia air purifier uses a red light indicator to suggest that the filter has been saturated and needs to be replaced. This red light indicator will keep blinking until the old filter is replaced with a new one.

Nowadays, air purifiers use light indicators to convey different messages to the customers.You don’t need to open the air purifier and keep a check on its filter every month just to know whether it needs to be replaced or not. The air purifier is itself capable of telling you this by flashing a red light.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information regarding the Afloia air purifier red light blinking issue and how it can be resolved.

What does the blinking red light on Afloia air purifier means ?

The Afloia air purifier is designed in such a manner that it automatically tells you when its filter needs to be replaced with a new one.

When the air purifier filter gets completely filled with dust and other pollutants, it signals to change its filter by showing a blinking red light. You will see the power button blinking red suggesting filter replacement.

This indication to replace the filter should not be ignored, as the air purifier’s filter is one of the most integral parts and plays a vital role in purifying the room air.

Once you have replaced the air purifier filter , the red light won’t go off you need to reset the filter to get rid off this flashing red light.

How to Reset Afloia air purifier filter to fix the red light ?

The blinking red light on your Afloia purifier is trying to tell you that the current filter is completely filled with dust and pollutants and needs to be replaced immediately.

You should not ignore this indicator and replace the air purifier filter immediately. After you have removed the old filter and installed a new one, the red light indicator won’t go off automatically, and you need to manually reset the filter.

Below are the steps to reset the filter on Afloia air purifier:

  • Replace the old filter with a new one.
  • Even after changing the filter, you will still see the red light blinking. Press the power button continuously for 5–10 seconds. This will reset the filter.
  • Red light will stop blinking now.
How to reset Afloia air purifier filter

Why do you need to reset Afloia air purifier filter ?

Once you have replaced the old filter, it is very important to reset the filter life indicator. By resetting the filter, you are telling the air purifier that a new filter has been installed and that it is now capable of purifying the room air.

When you reset the filter, it restarts its countdown for the future and will again alert you when this filter also gets saturated.

If you do not reset the filter the blinking red light will not go off and also the air purifier will not come to know that the old filter has been replaced and it should reset its timer.

What are the different lights on Afloia air purifier ?

Light ColorIts Meaning
Red The room air is of poor quality
yellowThe room air is of moderate quality
GreenThe room air is of good quality
BlueThe room air is of excellent quality

How to Change Afloia(kilo) air purifier filter ?

As suggested by the company, the Afloia air purifier filter should be changed every 3–6 months. The filter has a lifespan of 2200 hours. When this time is complete, the air purifier will indicate that it is time to replace the filter by blinking a red light.

Below are the steps to change the Afloia(Kilo) air purifier filter:

  • Always buy Original Afloia air purifier filter. The filter is available at all the ecommerce platforms like Walmart and Amazon. Never use 3rd party filter as they can result in poor performance of the air purifier.
  • Turn off the air purifier and also remove the power cord.
  • Turn the air purifier upside down and remove the back cover by rotating it anti-clock wise.
  • Gently pull out the Afloia air purifier filter.
  • Place the new filter carefully . Make sure to remove the plastic packaging.
  • Reattach the back cover and turn on the air purifier.
  • The air purifier should function properly now. Don’t forget to reset the filter to get rid off the blinking red light.

Video Credit : Afloia YT channel

How to Clean the Afloia air purifier ?

The air purifier and its filter must be cleaned every month. Do not use water or any other chemical to clean the air purifier externally or internally.

You must go through the user manual received along with the air purifier before cleaning it. Below are some tips to keep in mind while cleaning the air purifier :

  • Never use any chemical to clean the Afloia air purifier internally or externally.
  • Always turn off the air purifier while cleaning it. Make sure to switch ot off from the wall end.
  • Clean the external parts of the air purifier with a dry soft cloth.
  • You can clean the internal parts including the filter using a soft dry cloth. Be gentle while cleaning the filter and other internal parts so that they don’t get damaged.


The red light flashing on your Afloia air purifier is trying to give you an indication that the air purifier filter is completely saturated with pollutants and needs to be replaced.

Once you have replaced the filter, the red light won’t go off by itself; you need to reset the filter to get this fixed. The filter reset can be easily done by pressing the power button continuously for 5–10 seconds.


Why is my afloia air purifier blinking red ?

Your Afloia air purifier is blinking red to give you an indication about the dust filled filter that needs to be replaced.

The Afloia air purifier uses different light indicators to convey messages to its customers. The red light indicator suggests that the air purifier filter has reached the end of its lifespan and needs replacement. It is not capable of purifying the air anymore and must be changed.

What do the colors mean on Afloia air purifier

The Afloia air purifier uses four different colors to tell about the air quality in the room. The blue color means the air quality is very good; green means good; and the yellow and red colors signifies moderate and poor air quality, respectively.

If the air quality indicator is yellow or red, then there is a scope for improvement and necessary actions must be taken to fix it.

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