Aeris Air Purifier Troubleshooting Guide:Easy steps

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Customers who are using the Aeris air purifier for the first time might face some issues or have some queries regarding the installation and maintenance of the product. In this article, we will be sharing Aeris Air purifier troubleshooting guide with you so that your air purifier functions smoothly throughout its lifespan.

Aeris Air purifiers are well designed rigid devices which can last for years if maintained properly.

If you have never used an air purifier before, you will definitely come across certain issues that might confuse you. You will waste a lot of time searching the internet and watching different videos to get such issues fixed.

In this article we have tried covering all such topics so that you get answers to all your questions at one place .Apart from this we will also suggest you the right things to do so that you can use your air purifier more efficiently and can get the best out of it.

Aeris Air Purifier Troubleshooting Guide : Commonly faced problems

Below are the troubleshooting steps for the most common problems faced by the Aeris air purifier consumers :

How to connect Aeris aair purifier to wifi ?

Below are the steps to link the Aeris aair purifier to the mobile app

  • Install the aeris air purifier app on your mobile phone
  • Login or register using your details
  • select your aeris air purifier model from the list . For example we select aair from the list
  • make sure your aair purifier led shows “im listening”
  • Open wifi setting on your mobile phone and select your aeris wifi
  • Return to aeris app and select continue
  • select your device name and icon
  • Connect your wifi by selecting its name from the list and then entering the password
  • Once the successfull connection is done , you will enter the control page.

Connecting Aeris aair lite to wifi :

Aeris aair lite comes delivered with Wi-Fi turned off and will only switch on, if triggered so by the user. It can be turned on by pressing and holding the circle on the touch UI.

If the user wants to switch off the WiFi on the aair lite, they can press and hold the circle area on the touch interface until two squares start bouncing on the LED matrix and the WiFi LED turns on.

Now touch the WiFi symbol and the squares will separate and stop moving: the Wifi is now turned off.

Connecting Aeris aair to wifi :

Once the aair air purifier is turned on ,long press the app icon on the touch pad.

It will show “iam listening ” on the led screen and then show “wifi connected” .

Aeris air purifier troubleshooting steps if its stuck in “im listening” mode ?

If you are trying to connect to your air purifier’s wifi and the led screen shows” im listening” , then wait for 30-40 seconds .

If issue still exists then try restarting the device by turning it off and try connecting to the wifi again. This should fix the issue

How to connect aeris air purifier to wifi
How to connect aeris air purifier to wifi

Aeris air purifier unable to purify the air : What to do ?

Below are the steps to make sure that your air purifier functions properly and remove the dust and pollutants so that you and your family breathes clean pure air.

Below are some of the factors that can affect the functioning of the air purifier:

Filter needs to be cleaned or replaced :

Aeris purifier should be cleaned every month and it should be changed after 6-8 months.

If you notice that the air purifier isn’t purifying the air properly, then the first thing you should do is check the condition of its filter and then decide if it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Select the right spot for the Air purifier

The air purifier must be placed in a room near the source of pollutants, like a closed door or window, or near the kitchen.

There should not be anything that is obstructing the path of the air purifier, for example, keeping the air purifier behind the table or furniture, as this can impact its performance.

Buying the right model as per your requirement

It is very important to choose the right model of the as per your home and business need. While buying an air purifier you must read its specifications carefully.

Suppose your office area is 1500 sq. ft., but you bought an air purifier that has a capacity of cleaning up to 700 sq. ft. Only then will this air purifier be able to fulfill your needs.

How do you reset the Aeris air purifier ?

There are a few situations where you need to reset or restart your air purifier, like when it shows some false indicator or when it is overheated and needs time to cool down.

In such situations the best fix is to reset or restart the Aeris air purifier. Below are the steps to reset the air purifier.

  • Turn off the air purifier and also remove the cord connected to the switch.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and then turn it back on .

This will reset the air purifier and will fix the above mentioned issues.

how to reset aeris air purifier
how to reset aeris air purifier

How to set the child lock on the Aeris air purifier ?

Below are the steps to set the child lock/unlock on different Aeris air purifier models :

For Aair lite : Long press anywhere on the touch pad for more than ten seconds and the press the lock button on the Aerris aair lite air purifier.

This will lock/unlock the aair lite purifier.

For Aair One air purifier : Long press the touchpad “minus”(-) air volume button for five seconds to start the child lock/unlock.

For Aair air Purifier : Press and hold the touchpad minus(-) air volume button for 5 seconds to set the child lock/unlock.

What can be done if the Touch pad not working on Aeris air purifier ?

It may happen that the aeris air purifier touchpad buttons are not working . Make sure that the touchpad is not child locked.

If you are sure that the touchpad is unlocked but still it is not working then you must try resetting the air purifier by following the steps mentioned above in the article.

Even after resetting the device tochpad does not work , then there may some issue with the hardware. You can contact the Aeris air purifier customer care and they will help you with this situation.

Unable to turn on my Aeris air Purifier

If your Aeris air purifier is not turning on then there could be many reasons for it. Below are the different scenarios and troubleshooting steps to fix them.

Aeris air purifier not connected properly

Make sure the cord which is connected to the switch and bottom of the aeris air purifier is inserted properly.

Remove the cord from the bottom and insert it again and then check if the air purifier turns on or not.

Check the both ends of the cord connected to the switch, just to confirm that it is not broken or damaged.

Aeris air purifier hardware issue:

Check the air purifier properly and see if there is any physical damage or any hardware issue with the air purifier that is obstructing it from starting.

There can be multiple hardware problems with the air purifier, like the filter or the prefilter being damaged. The air purifier’s top cover is damaged, which is preventing it from closing properly.

If you find any such problem, then you must contact the customer care department for a solution.

Power issue :

Check the power and voltage requirements for your Aeris air purifier model, it may be that the purifier is not receiving sufficient power due to to which it is not turning on.

For example the Aeris aair lite model supports 100-240 V , it may have issues if its not getting required voltage.

Air Purifier life has ended

Every electric device has its life time after which it stops functioning properly.

If you are using the air purifier for several years it might happen one day that its lifecycle will end. It happens with all electric equipment like television, washing machines, air conditioners etc.

In this case it is better to buy a new product instead of trying to get the older one repaired as the repairing cost would be quite high.

How to clean the aeris aair lite filter ?

Below are the steps to clean the Aeris air purifier :

  • Turn off the air purifier , also turn it off physically by removing the cable connected to the switch.
  • Remove the other end of the cable connected to the air purifier bottom
  • Remove the top cover of the air purifier
  • Pinch the sides to unlock main filter
  • Pull out the filter from the inside of the air purifier body
  • clean the dirty filter properly using the vacuum cleaner(small) or a dry cloth, make sure you don’t damage the filter while cleaning it
  • Use the vacuum cleaner from a distance and do not rub the vacuum cleaner on the filter body as it may cause minor damage to the filter and affects its working or efficiency.
  • After cleaning the filter place it back inside the air purifier
  • Attach the filter cover
  • Rotate(counterclockwise) the base of the Aeris aair lite purifier
  • Lift the air purifier so that you can reach the pre filter
  • Clean the pre filter as suggested above
  • Attach the air purifier above the pre filter and align the hash marks so that it gets locked properly
  • Connect the power cord to the switch and turn the air purifier on
  • The air purifier should function properly now.

How to replace the Aeris aair lite filter ?

We have explained the aeris aair lite filter replacement process in a detailed manner here. In this link we have explained the complete process step by step

Wrapping Up

In this blog post, we have provided you with Aeris air purifier troubleshooting steps for the most common issues faced by its customers.

We have tried covering all the topics; if there is an issue you are facing with your Aeris air purifier that we have not covered, please tell us in the comments and we will definitely answer your query.


How do I turn on my Aeris aair lite air purifier ?

If you have purchased a brand new aeris purifier , you must have recieved a power cord with it. Insert one end of the power cord at the bottom of the aeris air purifier and connect the other end to the switch and turn on the switch.

How do you reset the aeris air purifier ?

In order to reset the aeris air purifier , turn of the air purifier by turning off the switch and wait for 30-40 seconds.

Switch on the air purifier now , this will reset the aeris air purifier.

Why is my aeris air purifier not working properly ?

There can be multiple reasons for this, most common reason is that the air purifier filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. If you have not changed the filter since last 6 months then this could affect the functionality of the air purifier.

Apart from this there can be other reasons like the location of the air purifier is not correct and there are objects obstructing its path.

other reasons like hardware issue or damaged/broken filter can also affect the productivity of the air purifier.

How do I connect my Aeris air purifier to wifi ?

In the above article we have provided complete details on how to link the aeris mobile app to the wifi and also how to connect the aeris air purifier to the wifi for both the models aair and aair lite.

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